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Fireside Industries is offering a national cross-marketing campaign opportunity to professional campers and guides. This offer allows you hands on access to our first to market product, the Campfire Defender.

The Campfire Defender is a Campfire Safety System designed to contain your campfire embers overnight eliminating the risk of starting a forest fire and the hassle of extinguishing a campfire at night. In addition the Campfire Defender features a pinwheel vent on the top of the cover which allows the user to control the airflow into their fire pit prolonging the life of the coals for up to 8 hours. Manufactured with material that is certified up to 2500°F the Campfire Defender will last a minimum of 50 fires when used properly.

In exchange for receiving the Campfire Defender at our cost we ask that you extensively field test the cover and offer feedback and an honest review to be published on our website and yours (if applicable). These published reviews will allow you exposure to a wide audience of people interested in enhancing their camping experience and camping safely.

Our Customers Say

Haven't used it yet, but heavier than I thought. Vent on the cover is a very cool idea. Very well constructed, can't wait to use it on my next camping trip!

Much heavier than I thought. Worked well. My second night it rained off and on. My coals stayed hot and it was sure nice to wakeup to heat from my fire pit. Would recommend to any hunter getting up before dawn to get to your treestand or blind.

Woke up in a light rain, the cover protected the coals. Coals were glowing red, added a paperplate and some wood, fire in a little more than a minute. WOW!

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Professional Camper?

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Campfire Defender Pro Camper Kit

Campfire Defender Pro Camper Kit

Take Control Over Your Campfire!

This Pro-Camper Kit contains everything you need for any responsible Camper, Hunter or Outdoorsmen to safely keep your coals hot and protected in any weather.  

When bad weather strikes or you're settled in for the night, rest assured your fire pit is protected and secured with the Campfire Defender.


  • Cover a Burning Campfire to Safely Keep Embers Contained.
  • Keep Coals Burning for 8+ hours - Wake Up To Hot Coals.
  • Prevent weather from disrupting your campfire - Blocks rain, wind, and snow.
  • Adjust vent to extinguish your fire without using water
  • Great For Backyard Use! Don't let steam and ash ruin your patio furniture. 


Dimensions: 68" x 60"    Weight: 8.2 lbs. Cover / 15.8 lbs. Kit

Pro Camper Kit Includes:

  • 68" x 60" Campfire Defender
  • Canvas Carrying Bag
  • Fire Stake (2pcs.)              
  • Utility Gloves - Not Fire Rated Gloves
  • 8 - Glow in the Dark Aluminum Tent Stakes
  • LED Flashlight


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