Campfire Defender

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What is the Campfire Defender?

What is the Campfire Defender?

The Campfire Defender is a new, revolutionary fire-safety device, designed to easily cover your campfire and prevent embers from escaping the pit. Quickly and easily cover a live fire when not in use. The Campfire Defender can effectively control your fire overnight allowing you to rest easy.

  • Deploys in under a minute
  • Prevents embers from escaping your pit overnight or during a wind storm
  • Keeps your firepit dry during rain or snow

Durability Redefined

Made from 95% silica the bottom side of the Campfire Defender is incredibly durable, capable of being placed over a wood burning campfire for over 8 hours. Unlike a fire blanket that can only be used once, the Campfire Defender can be used on a minimum of 100 fires for hours at a time.
  • Melting point beyond 2500 °F
  • Over 1,000 hours of Campfire Use
Durability Redefined
Convenience Meets Safety

Convenience Meets Safety

The pinwheel vent installed on the top of every Campfire Defender allows users to regulate airflow into their campfire allowing your coals to slow burn all night, providing hot coals for morning use.
  • Adjust the vent to keep your coals hot and contained for 8-10 hours
  • Close the vent to smother your coals overnight, extinguishing your fire.

From The Press

"...for those who camp often—particularly in places of high forest fire hazard—it's an investment in your safety!"

– Faveable - 39 Best Outdoor Products

"This uncomplicated yet ingenious kit controls your campfire, letting you keep coals overnight, put out a fire, or protect it from passing rain."

– Popular Mechanics - New Gear of the Year

"the 'pause button' that your fire has been waiting for."

– 50Campfires - Gear of the Year

"...the best of both worlds. Complete protection, and more fire in the morning."

– Dyrt - No More Campfire Fears

The Science Behind Campfire Defender

Traditional methods of dealing with a campfire rely on eliminating either the oxygen or the heat from the fire in order to extinguish it. Leaving you in the vicious cycle of extinguishing your campfire with water and dirt then trying to rebuild the fire in a wet fire pit.

The Campfire Defender allows you to control and manage both the oxygen and heat in your campfire, regulating your fire and prolonging the life of your coals for up to 8 hours. All while keeping your fire pit dry and protected from the elements.
Whether you're hunting, fishing, or simply camping, the Campfire Defender will make your campfire easier and safer.

Watch our short Fire Science Video Below to see the Campfire Defender in Action!